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The keyword $DENSITY enables the definition of a fluid density model.


The first parameter (int) indicates the density model type.

Density Models:

  1. constant_density
  2. rho(p) = rho_0*(1+beta_p*(p-p_0))
  3. rho(C) = rho_0*(1+beta_C*(C-C_0))
  4. rho(T) = rho_0*(1+beta_T*(T-T_0))
  5. rho(C,T) = rho_0*(1+beta_C*(C-C_0)+beta_T*(T-T_0))
  6. rho(p,T) = rho_0*(1+beta_p*(p-p_0)+beta_T*(T-T_0))
  7. rho(p,p_v,T) no input data required
  8. rho(p,T,C)
  9. Molar mass
  10. read density from a rho-P-T table
  11. Peng-Robinson Equation of State
  12. Redlich-Kwong Equation of State
  13. Fundamental equation
  14. Extended ideal gas equation based on super compressibility factor
  1. calculated node densities from the phase transition model

In Example 1, the density model is set to 1, i.e. the density is constant. The second value (double) gives the water density (10°C) in kg/m3.



 1 0.9997026e+03
 1 1.308e-003