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The output of OpenGeoSys for 1D, 2D and 3D models allows plotting results for the entire 1/2/3D domain, along predefined polylines and as breakthrough curves at specific points. All three features are only supported for the Tecplot file output (see $DAT_TYPE). With the recommended VTK output, only domain-wise output is supported. However, Paraview and other VTK viewers offer powerful analysis tools which also include functions for plotting results along lines or at points (recommended).


The parameters must be defined the line below the keyword. The parameter DOMAIN is the most commonly used output type and writes the whole geometric model and its results into one or more VTK or Tecplot files. Tecplot users can output breakthrough curves e.g. with:


POINT indicates the geometric object and links the output with the geometric information of the GLI file (see section of GLI File). POINT5 is the name of the point as defined in the corresponding GLI file.