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The $DECAY keyword specifies, if the component decays in the phase in which it is transported. The decay does not account for the production of daughter products. Decay with a kinetics of any order as well as a Monod kinetics is accounted for. Default is no decay.



1 1.0e-6 1.0 /method decay_rate order_of_decay(first order kinetic)
1 1.0e-6 2.0 /method decay_rate order_of_decay(second order kinetic)

2 1.0e-6 0.5 /method degradation_rate half_saturation_concentration
; Monod kinetics with dC/dt = C*(1.0e-6/0.5 + c)

Decay Method
0: No decay (Not implemented)
1: Any order decay with constant decay rate
2: Monod or Michaelis-Menten kinetics with constant rate coefficients