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The keyword $DIS_TYPE specifies the way of how data are distributed over the defined geometric object, e.g. domain or surface. i.e. a certain defined value or the average of the value can be assigned to each node.


The first parameter (string) indicates the distribution type (e.g. CONSTANT). The second parameter gives the value. The distribution type CONSTANT assigns the same value to every node belonging to the given geometric object (automated search function). At the moment, following settings are possible:

  • CONSTANT double (assigns the same value to every mesh node that is congruent to the given geometric object (a certain geometric tolerance is automatically calculated and considered))
  • DIRECT (TODO Description needed, not benchmarked?)
  • GRADIENT double double double (TODO Description needed)
  • RESTART restartfile.rfr Enables to read an ASCII restart file (*.rfr) (TODO Description needed)