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The BC input has been prepared for 1D, 2D and 3D models and allows assigning boundary conditions to predefined geometric objects as surfaces, polylines or points.


The parameters, i.e. the type (string) and name (string) of the geometric object, are defined in the subsequent line below the keyword.

The name of the boundary is defined in the gli file.

The following geometry types are supported:

  • POINT gli_point_name (assigns a specific value (see $DIS_TYPE) to the mesh node which is closest to the point with the name "gli_point_name")
  • POLYLINE gli_polyline_name (assigns specific values (see $DIS_TYPE) to the mesh nodes which are located along the polyline with the name "gli_polyline_name")
  • SURFACE gli_surface_name (assigns specific values (see $DIS_TYPE) to the mesh nodes which are located on the surface with name "gli_surface_name")
  • VOLUME gli_volume_name (not supported and not benchmarked anymore) TODO check
  • DOMAIN (assigns specific values (see $DIS_TYPE) to each mesh node of the whole model domain /not benchmarked at the moment) TODO check